Louise Reminisces about her Aesthetic

My Aesthetic


Aesthetic is defined as "relating to the philosophy of aesthetics; concerned with notions such as the beautiful and the ugly". Everybody has an unique and individual aesthetic, whether it be short skirts and t-shirts or lace dresses. Aesthetic is easily incoporated into a person's style and I especially obsess over that little word..

My aesthetic is fairly simple, lace and denim, copper and wire jewellery with light blue scarves. I particulary love tiny, minimalist gold stuff (weirdly). I sometimes I think I obsess a tiny bit too much over keeping in with my aesthetic.

Vintage. Modern. Minimalist. Lacey. My style is a contradiction with each other and it's particulary grating when I really need to choose a party dress. I really love books strangely enough and I would bury my nose in a book with a cup of soothing, warm tea and due to this, my aesthetic, my watercolour is obviously directly derived by my real and fictional idols that I aspire to be.

I've been to thrift shops but they have nothing that I love. I'm for vintage b ut not my grandma's unfortunate knit jacket. It's an unfortunate dilemma I have. I do also love prints, any prints available (mind you) but I love the hipster man with beard style by that Frankie Magazine. I'm not even kidding. I also think that my style is inspired by my fab magazine called Frankie and Yen.

In the end, Aesthetic is a subconscious and conscious style that we all have. Aesthetic particulary shines when we dress, style and paint.

XO Louise