Death of a Bachelor: A Review

Death of a Bachelor

A Review by Louise

Death of a Bachelor is Panic!At the Disco's 5th album. The album marks a departure of the 'emo' sound and showcases more pop inspired sounds. The album is a quite romantic one at that with songs like House of Memories.

On April 2, 2015 Spencer Smith announced that he had officially left the band and now the only current member is Brendon Urie and believe me, it shows. The music is more pop inspired, a possible attempt to stay more relevant like other alt rock/pop punk band such as Fall Out Boy. It seems that the 'emo' rollercoaster is finally slowing down.

But that doesn't mean that the quality of the album has diminished. On April 20, 2015, Bren Urie released a single titled "Hallelujah". It debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at No. 40, the band's second highest ever after "I Write Sins Not Tragedies". The album is one of the most anticipated album that P!ATD has ever produced with 'The Empire's New Clothes' being one of the fan favourite songs on Death of a Bachelor.

Unfortuantely as The Guardian notes, Brendon tries to hard to 'reinvent himself as an edgy Michael Buble'. Urie really tries to make himself 'new' and 'shiny' to, assuming, market himself to a new audience. P!ATD has really come along way but perhaps they should on their actual music and not their public image.

Alot of P!ATD's music is quite lazy and manic simultaneosly although many of Death of a Bachelor's music is surprisingly energetic. Death of a Bachelor is a song for the fans and not quite anybody else, and even then, the album has been met with mixed reception. In the end, Death of a Bachelor is not a gateway album but more an album for the fans. It's a worthwhile album if your'e a fan willing to embrace the 'pop' influenced music but if not, don't waste your money.